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I created this piece for my parents for their tireless love, support, encouragement, dedication, wisdom, care for others, compassion, honesty, integrity, strength, humor, love of art, music and culture, and for being the incredible role models they have been all of my life. They taught me to ask "Why?", to look inward (and outward) to find answers, to embrace feelings, be real with myself and others, treat others with dignity and respect, and to persist in the face of difficulties. When I was four years old, they let me take piano lessons which I asked to do and they continued to enrich my world by taking me to concerts, museums and cultural events (as a side note I think my modern aesthetic and love of geometric shapes comes from the art in their home which I realized during a recent visit is filled with circles, sharp lines and bold colors). They never pressured me to practice, do homework, or even get home by a certain time. They trusted me and my inner guide which helped me do the same (thankfully I was self-motivated and fairly responsible!). When I was an adolescent and bullied in 8th grade they taught me to see that my bullies were probably feeling weak inside and that's why they acted cruelly. This not only gave me the strength to face them but it taught me to empathize with others. In high school, at the suggestion of my piano teacher, I entered a piano concerto competition, which also happened to be my first recital. It was one of the most nerve-wracking things I had ever done. When I messed up during my performance, following the masterful playing of two four-year old prodigies, I was devastated. My parents were there to help me pick up the pieces and feel good about my efforts. And now as they face the challenges of my father's Parkinson's they continue to model what it is to love and persist. I am forever grateful to them. When I asked them what music they would like depicted in this art they chose the piece I played in that piano concerto competition: Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3. I chose the first several bars of the opening piano solo in the first movement, which I must have practiced a zillion times.


2014. Decoupage paper and thread on paper: 15" x 19" (19.75" x 27.75" framed).

For Mom & Dad

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