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"It's like you framed joy."

                 - grARTitude customer

grARTitude works of art are one-of-a-kind and make great gifts and expressions of appreciation. For music lovers they are also a unique way to celebrate a favorite or meaningful piece of music. Most works are by commission but on occasion there are works for sale. To commission or purchase a work below please inquire for further details.

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This work of art represents a unique collaboration between myself and composer David Post and violinist Ezinma Ramsay. I asked David to create a short piece of music for solo violin that is "visually interesting." Ezinma recorded "Letting Go" specifically for this website and I created the art depicting the music. I am deeply grateful to both of them for their outstanding artistry and generosity of time. To listen to the recording of "Letting Go" click the play button below.  Handmade paper, lace and tissue, thread and acrylic on canvas. 24" x 30". 2015.

"Letting Go" by David Post - Performed by Ezinma Ramsay
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"Letting Go"


Music depicted: Lullaby. 2014. Decoupage, tissue paper and thread on paper. 7.75" x 9.75" (13" x 16" framed)

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