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Artist Julie Friedberg

I am a self-taught artist. I have been doing mostly abstract painting and mixed-media collage for a decade or so as a hobby, often as gifts for family and friends or to charitble auctions. I love playing with color, shape, space, texture and form. My early works, long before grARTitude, consisted of egg images made of crushed painted egg shells enclosed in painted rectangles on canvas. I also painted geometric works on canvas that paid homage to Josef Albers and Chuck Close and created a hand-cut paper collage Katuba for my wedding and a colorful, abstract baby milestone timeline.
In my more recent grARTtitude work I incorporate one of my other loves--music. I have played classical piano since I was four and studied piano performance at Mannes College of Music and University of Toronto Faculty of Music. Each grARTitude work depicts a specific musical theme through 
colorful, patterned hand-cut decoupage and tissue paper dots, each proportional in size to the length of the note it represents and laid out on paper as if on a music staff. Triangles made of thread are sewn into the work to create a new visual dance. 
In addition to my art and piano, I am a certified executive, business and career coach. I help people ignite their spark and make their mark. Having worked in leadership development and non-profit management for 30 years, I also provide coaching to leaders in education, DEI and social entrepreneurship. 
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