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I made this piece for my niece, Leah Mosier, for her college graduation and birthday.  Leah is an incredibly talented young woman--I venture to call her a Renaissance woman--whose gifts coupled with her kindness, maturity, calm, confident presence and humor have always been a great inspiration to me. I remember when she was little I would teach her the piano when she came to visit. I was so excited when she once made a coffee mug with a electrifyingly colorful piano on it. She has well-surpassed any musical dreams I, her proud aunt, may have had for her. She is what I consider a true musician. She can sit for hours exploring and composing tunes on her guitar, sing and perform in front of others without self-consciousness (something I seriously lack!), and draw to her and play with countless musicians. It has been a total joy watching her come into her own as a musician over the years. On top of this, I have always admired her athleticism, whether it be her soccer playing, running, triathalons or yoga. Her outward serenity and confidence make her seem wise beyond her years and are always comforting to be around. I also think it is totally cool that she balances out her artistic side with her hardcore study of environmental engineering. She is sure to make a difference in the world and already is by her example. Depicted here is one of Leah's favorite songs: "Trapeze Swinger" by Iron and Wine. I included her favorite lines plus a few other poignant ones from the song.


Please remember me, happily

By the rosebush laughing...

But please remember me, fondly

I heard from someone you're still pretty...

Gleam and resonate just like the gates

Around the Holy Kingdom...

A fleeting chance to see a trapeze

Swinger high as any savior.



2014. Decoupage paper, tissue paper and thread on paper: 10" x 13" (16" x 20" framed).

For Leah Mosier

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