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I met Julie Angelis Boehler on Facebook when she responded to a post I submitted offering people who had already "liked" my grARTitude Facebook page a free piece of art in exchange for their posting whom they are grateful for and a piece of music that inspires that person. Not only was I grateful for Julie's response and support of my art but over the course of our cyberspace exchanges I learned that she has a very unique and inspiring career as a percussionist at the Maryland Symphony Orchestra and Principal Timpanist at The Premiere US Army Band. She is also a dedicated mother of a young child and we have connected over the joys and challenges of parenting. I am grateful to have met Julie online and look forward to one day meeting her in person. I created two works of art to show her my appreciation for her support of my art. Both depict one of Julie's favorite pieces of music: Brahms Symphony No. 3 in F Major, Op. 90 III. Poco Allegretto, bars 1-12. The larger piece depicts the seven heard instrumental voices in this excerpt while the smaller piece (image 4 in the gallery) depicts the cello voice introducing the main theme.


2014. Decoupage paper, tissue paper and thread on paper: 20" x 33" (larger piece) and 7" x 9" (smaller piece).

For Julie Angelis Boehler

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