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Amanda Selwyn has been a dear friend for the past dozen years. Amanda is a force of personality. Her strong and energized presence, spunky aethestic and hearty laugh light up whatever room she is in. She has a huge, generous heart and is always there for me (and others). I can tell her most anything without fear of being judged and leave feeling uplifted. She is refreshingly true to herself and has a knack for saying it like it is with genuine respect and love. She balances sharing and inquiring, always making people feel cared for. She is passionately dedicated to the arts and is a talented choreographer and artistic director. Since 2000 she has worked tirelessly as Founder and Executive/Artistic Director of Notes In Motion, a dance theatre company made up of Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre, producing original dance theatre performances and Outreach Dance Theatre, presenting in-school and community arts-in-education programs. She continues this work even in her new role as the Director of Community Arts at the West Side YMCA. On top of this she manages to teach yoga regularly, throw dinner parties for friends, text with me at 5am (I love having an early morning buddy), and stay positive and resilient in the face of life's challenges. For all of these reasons I created this work of art for her. Depicted here is one of Amanda's favorite songs: "Watershed" by Indigo Girls. I chose the chorus which I think speaks to her positive and practical outlook on life.


Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road

You can stand there and agonize

Till your agony's your heaviest load.

You'll never fly as the crow flies, get used to a country mile.

When you're learning to face the path at your pace

Every choice is worth your while.



2014. Decoupage paper, tissue paper and thread on paper: 10" x 13" (16" x 20" framed).

For Amanda Selwyn

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